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Healthcare Facilities

We specialize in healthcare facilities. If you’re thinking of selling your healthcare facility or a buyer looking for the right property, we can help.


We help buyers and sellers with new development or property conversions.

We’ve Got You Covered

Planning & Zoning

We will help potential buyers pre-screen a property to be sure it meets the requirements.

Layout & Design

Our team will create a conceptual layout of the facility when possible to help buyers see the potential.

Proforma Cashflow

Some buyers may need a proforma cash flow statement to measure the property as an investment.

Construction Estimates

When required by the lender, we will work with buyers to collect project construction estimates.


Property Sourcing

We are working with many buyers to source out properties that can be converted to Healthcare Facilities.

Existing Facilities

We have active Facilities that are for sale and some buyers prefer rather than a conversion.


When we list a property or business, we look at every potential use to maximize the sale price.

Project Marketing

We have an extensive marketing program that gives your property the maximum exposure to buyers.

Sell Your Property as a Conversion

In real estate, you should always consider the highest and best use for any property. When it comes to a multifamily property like yours, there are many potential uses that may be more valuable than that of a traditional rental property. If you are thinking of selling, you should look at all options to be sure you are not leaving money on the table.  

We Help Position Properties for a Conversion Sale

If your property is eligible as a conversion opportunity, it could sell for more money than that of its current use. Let our team analyze your property to maximize it’s full potential.


Recent Work

Oasis Garden

  • Brand Identity
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Facility Layout
  • Proforma Cash Flow

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Sell as a Healthcare Facility Conversion for the Highest Value.