Marketing Your Property

Our Marketing Sets Us Apart

When we list a conversion property for sale, we put a lot of thought, effort, and money to develop a comprehensive marketing package. Each listing is very unique and we apply different techniques that are required to present the property to its highest potential. Take a look at some of our work.

We Get Results for Our Clients

We give 100% effort on each property we list. We have a track record of getting results.


Top Ranked Website

Our websites rank on page 1 of search results for many of the most important industry keywords.

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We buyers are searching for a healthcare facility property for sale, our website ranks near the very top. We have thousands of site visits every month for buyers searching for potential conversion opportunities

Print Newsletter

Industry Print Newsletter for all active Healthcare Facility owners and operators.

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We publish a frequent industry newsletter that is mailed to all Healthcare Facility Owners in our database. When your property is listed, it will be included in this newsletter.

Digital Advertising

We run ads targeting specific keywords to attract all active buyers in the market.

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We do not only rely on commercial listing platforms. We run ads targeting active buyers in the market in order to give our listings the highest visibility.

Conceptual Layout

Our team will design a conceptual layout that will help buyers visualize the potential of the property.

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Our team, when possible, will create a conceptual layout that will help the Healthcare Facility Sales buyers visualize the layout.

Search Engine Optimization

Our websites are build to capture the highest possible organic search traffic.

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Our websites rank on page 1 for the highest-value keywords in the industry. When healthcare facility sales buyers are searching for properties that meet their requirements, they will most likely find your property on our websites.

Email Marketing Database

Email Marketing to a list of prospective buyers of Healthcare Facilities in every market.

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Our email list includes over 15,000 active Healthcare Facility owners and also buyers looking for conversion properties. 

Postcard Marketing

For every new property sold, we mail a postcard to active Healthcare Facility owners and operators.

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When we have a successful Healthcare Facility Sale, we mail a postcard to all existing facility owners and operators.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel with thousands of active subscribers where we feature new properties.

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We have a YouTube Channel dedicated to providing information about Healthcare Facilities. This channel has achieved over 1 million views with new subscribers every month.

3d Designs

We will design a 3d rending of the property to help buyers envision the possibilities

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When needed, our team will design a 3d mock rending of the property which will help potential buyers envision the potential of the property.

Specialty Lenders

We have a network of lenders that specialize in Healthcare Facility Loans.

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Approved loan application form lay down on wooden desk with rubber stamp and calculator.

Finding the buyer is just one part of getting a deal done. Having a network of lenders is critical to successful sales and closing. We have cultivated the best lenders that specialize in Healthcare Facility Sales and actively seek out these types of properties to lend.

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